Enjoy The Best Fried Chicken Sandwiches in Chicago

Asian style fried chicken sandwich with pickled jalepenos and slaw

With irresistible toppings such as cheese, coleslaw, and pickles, it’s no wonder that fried chicken sandwiches are one of the most popular menu items at restaurants across the country. If this sounds good to you, visit one of these eateries near Catalyst Apartments where the chefs serve some of the best fried chicken sandwiches in […]

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Chicago’s Top 3 Places for Korean Food

Korean food: Grilled Short Rib over Rice with Kimchi

When you’re craving Asian eats with a bold twist, nothing hits the spot quite like Korean. Known for its healthy veggies, generous side dishes, and flavorful marinated meats, Korean cuisine offers a flavor for everyone. Korean food has burst onto the Chicago eatery scene, and it’s here to stay. We’ve picked three of our top […]

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