Spicy Fingers: Your Destination for Creole Food in Chicago

Southern Crawfish Boil with Potatoes Sausage and Corn

Chicago is an amazing city in many ways, but it has never been known for its Creole food. Until recently, you’d have to travel to New Orleans to enjoy a great seafood boil or shrimp po’boy. That’s changing — thanks, in part, to a restaurant called Spicy Fingers that has exploded onto the scene with authentic Creole and Cajun cooking.

About Spicy Fingers

Spicy Fingers is a family-owned restaurant. The owners have more than 20 years of cooking experience and wanted to bring something unique to the Chicago area. Their motto is that food is art — not just a blend of ingredients, but a blend of techniques, passions, and culture. 

To match their bold flavors, the restaurant has a fresh, modern interior. There’s a colorful mural on one wall, natural wood tables, and simple glass pendant lights. A unique display made from several bike tires holds green plants.

Top Menu Choices

If you’re dining with a group at Spicy Fingers, you have to try the Cajun seafood boil. It comes with spicy crab legs, mussels, shrimp, and corn — all in a large pot perfect for sharing. Order a side of fried eggplant to pair with it. The light and crispy batter is the perfect contrast to the tender eggplant.

For something a little different, there’s the lemongrass chicken wings. Coated in a light batter and tossed in lemongrass sauce, they have a bit of an Asian flair. Another good choice is the softshell crab. Seasoned with salt and plenty of pepper, it’s tender, delicious, and served with sauteed peppers. Make sure you complete your meal with an order of the beignets, New Orleans-style donuts tossed in powdered sugar.

Spicy Fingers is a great choice for a satisfying dinner and unique flavor sensations. Visit the restaurant at 1549 W. Chicago Ave. They’re open for dinner only, from 4:00 pm onward. Contact us to learn more about Catalyst Apartments, a friendly community near this and other great restaurants. 

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