Spend An Afternoon At Union Park

Situated in the Near West Community Area is a thirteen acre property known as Union Park. According to the park’s website, the city created it in 1853, after residents convinced developers to sell thirteen acres of their subdivision at a reduced price. The park was named in honor of the Federal Union, and at the time, it was one of the most fashionable places in Chicago. Today, residents of Catalyst Apartments and visitors can enjoy a picnic, play horseshoes, splash in the Union Spray Pool, and so much more. Children ages six through twelve can participate in Harvest Garden, a three-season gardening program that teaches how to plant, maintain, and harvest. This program also covers nutrition and cooking.

Union Park also offers a variety of co-ed adult programs throughout the year, such as:

Small Group Personal Training – Every Thursday from October 27 through November 24, you can enjoy the benefits of a personal trainer. The sessions are taught by a certified fitness instructor who will design a workout based on your fitness level and goals.

Badminton at Union – On Tuesdays aand Saturdays through December 10, you can discover competitive badminton. Participants will learn strategy, skills, and scoring, and may compete against those learning to play at another Chicago area park.

Yoga/Pilates at Union – The Yoga/Pilates program offers the perfect balance of yoga postures and Pilates mat exercises. The instructor will focus on muscle awareness, flexibility, and strength. You can enjoy working out on Thursdays through November 17.

If you would like to call Catalyst Apartments home, please contact us. We’re just seven minutes away from this great park and so much more.

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