Show Off Your Grilling Skills at BellyQ in The West Loop

Grilling in the back yard is a wonderful experience, but it’s not always reasonable. With all of the upkeep including charcoals, cleaning, purchasing gas, and other maintenance, it’s good to know there is an option to grill away from home.

BellyQ, one of the numerous unique restaurants in the West Loop, allows customers to grill their own meats and produce (with help, if you need it). The grill tables seat up to four people and allow grilling for barbecue sides and Korean-style BBQ.

If grilling isn’t your style, there are several other options at BellyQ that you can order without any labor. For dinner, try the Tea Smoked Duck Breast or a Tomato Watermelon Salad. Split a Double Smoked Bacon Pancake with others at your table before the main course, or end the meal with a chili-spiced brownie.

You can also reserve the karaoke den for a party or get-together that rocks all night long. The den seats up to nine, has comfortable lounge chairs, and is insulated for those who sing a little louder than others. How many restaurants in the West Loop offer that?

For some unique food, entertainment, and a twist on Korean BBQ, BellyQ has everything you need. For more information about food and entertainment or for questions regarding our apartment community, please contact us.

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