Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth To-Go With Chicago’s Unusual Dessert Scene

Woman eating ice cream with nuts, sprinkles, cookie in cup with spoon

Sweet treats may be a regular craving, but there is no harm in mixing up your dessert of choice for the week. Whether you’re meeting with friends or treating yourself, you want to taste something a little unusual in Chicago’s dessert scene. Check out some of these highly-rated locales and learn more about the local listings for apartments in Chicago.

Relo’s Board Game and Dessert Cafe

Desserts get sweeter with great company—and some healthy competition! Relo’s Board Game and Dessert Cafe is usually the perfect place to meet your friends to enjoy excellent sundaes or ice cream and waffles while duking it out over the latest expansion of Risk. These days, they’re providing their sweet treats to-go. For the time being, Relo has limited its hours to be open safely and carefully on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday each week.


BomboBar is a walk-up dessert stop, where you can usually grab your order on the go with ease. These days they’re providing delivery-only service at your leisure! Their specialty is their Bomboloni. The Bomboloni is a hole-less Italian doughnut that comes with an adorable little bottle of squeezable flavored filling for you to give your doughnut the perfect amount gooey-goodness. They also serve gelato, hot chocolate, breakfast sandwiches, and, of course, coffee.

JoJo’s Shake Bar

Takeout and curbside pickup are available here! They have the greasy goodness of elevated dinner foods paired with exceptional shakes and cocktails. If you prefer the most Instagram-ready shakes you’ve ever seen, prepared healthily, and conveniently, JoJo’s Shake Bar is the place to stop.

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