ROOH Takes a Modern Approach to Indian Cuisine

Chef restaurant kitchen cooking, only hands at ROOH

When you think of Indian cuisine, classic dishes like naan and chicken tikka masala probably come to mind. These dishes are certainly delicious, but they’re also everywhere. ROOH, a new restaurant in downtown Chicago, is taking a modern approach to Indian cuisine. Inspired by these traditional dishes but also influenced by contemporary dining trends, they’re creating meals that will take your taste buds on a whole new kind of journey.

About ROOH

At ROOH, executive chef Sujan Sarkar aims to use fresh, local ingredients whenever possible. He also favors the use of newer cooking techniques, leading to refined results.

The restaurant itself has an artistic, eclectic appeal. On one side, there’s a plush sofa, set against a dramatic portrait painted on the wall, mural-style. On the other side of the room, a dramatic flower arrangement pairs wonderfully with flowered wallpaper. There’s also an upper loft with additional dining space. 

Delicious Dishes

ROOH’s menu features an assortment of small plates and large plates. One of their most unique creations is the avocado and edamame papdi chat, made with green mango, sunchoke crisps, mint, and cilantro. Another favorite is the chicken malai kofta, made with amul cheese fondue and walnut crumb.

If you’re in the mood for something more filling, try the lamb shank nihari. The flavors of fresh ginger, rose, and chili oil blend together in a beautiful way, awakening all of your senses. 

Beautiful Cocktails

ROOH also creates some truly magnificent cocktails, inspired by ayurvedic tradition. The cocktail menu is divided into sweet, sour, and salty creations. A favorite is the Pink City, made with tequila, guava, chili, and ROOH’s own masala.

Learn More About ROOH

You’ll find this innovative Indian restaurant at 738 W. Randolph Street, Chicago. If you’re looking for a new apartment in the same area, contact us to inquire about our current openings for new residents at Catalyst. 

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