Order Delivery from These Polish Restaurants in Chicago

polish restaurants in Chicago

There are so many amazing food options in Chicago worth a try, and Polish food belongs at the top of your bucket list. It is the ultimate comfort food genre. If a little dose of comfort in a meal is what you’re looking for these days, check out these top Polish restaurants near our Chicago apartments that deliver.

Pierogi Heaven

This hidden gem specializes in pierogi sausages, which are typically western style dumplings filled with sausage meats. They also come with a range of other savory fillings, like mushrooms or sauerkraut. Pierogi Heaven has their main dish and they do it well, offering their different pierogis at reasonable prices for takeout or delivery.


Podhalanka is an older Polish restaurant in Chicago, and it epitomizes the flavors of quality comfort Polish food. They offer a full menu of different dishes. Each make something different and delicious out of potatoes, cabbage, meat, sauteed onions, and homemade sour cream. Order for delivery to enjoy from home.

Staropolska Restaurant

One of the oldest Polish restaurants in Chicago is Staropolska Restaurant, which opened in 1978. They make every menu item from scratch, including their Polish desserts. Some favorite menu items include their potato pancakes, bacon-wrapped plums, and stuffed cabbage. While their location is newly renovated and practicing socially distanced dining, they provide to-go or delivery options.

You can’t go wrong when you order from any of these fantastic restaurants. Before you dig in, be sure to order some wine for delivery to go with your delicious meal.

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