Order Takeout From Chicago’s Best Italian Restaurants

Closeup of man's hands twirling pasta on his fork

There is a long history of Italians living in Chicago—and this has created a lasting legacy on the culinary life of this ultimate foodie city. If you’re looking for apartments in Chicago, Catalyst Apartments is the place to be. If you want some of the best food in the meantime, here are some of the very best Italian restaurants you need to taste to believe.

Anto Pizza and Pasta Chicago

Anto Pizza gives a hip, modern dining feeling to the classics of Italian cuisine—and they let you choose takeout and delivery. They serve exceptional pizzas and kinds of pasta, including the essential classics like spaghetti and alfredo. Though the portions are on the smaller side, the flavors are so exemplary that it’s worth the bottom dollar regardless. If you want quality takes on classic fare, try out Anto Pizza and Pasta Chicago.

Volare Ristorante Italiano

This is a truly authentic taste of Italy in the heart of Chicago. Volare Ristorante Italiano feels like a hole in the wall until you get your food and realize it is an explosion of perfectly-balanced flavors. This perfect date night food is available in to-go orders.

Sapori Trattoria

Authentic to its bones, Sapori Trattoria was started by an Italian farm-raised chef with a passion for quality food and warm community. Sapori Trattoria is an upscale restaurant serving classic and unique Italian dishes. Don’t be surprised, however, by the casual atmosphere. Although the restaurant is higher-end, the staff are very welcoming and warm. The combination of employees and atmosphere creates a delicious yet comfortable dining experience. These days they provide contactless delivery and curbside pickup options.

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