Check Out These Martial Arts Studios in Chicago

martial arts

Are you looking for an exciting way to stay in shape? Then consider taking martial arts classes. They will help you jump higher and run faster, while at the same time improving your endurance and muscle tone. If this sounds fun to you, head to one of these martial arts studios in Chicago near Catalyst Apartments:

Kensho Martial Arts 

At Kensho, students range in age from four to 94. Founder Roger Luri grew up on the city’s south side, where he watched Mohammed Ali and other boxing greats. They inspired him to try martial arts at 25. Over thirty years later, he’s still going strong. Roger has helped hundreds of students earn black belts, many of whom have gone on to become skilled instructors or talented competitors. Beginners enjoy one-on-one attention, allowing them to find the perfect class. Choices include Kali/Filipino, Savate, and Jeet Kun Do.

Chang’s Martial Arts

Chang’s invites everyone to come and get fit while learning martial arts. No two classes are the same, and they focus on building cardiovascular fitness and core strength in a lively social setting. The instructors boast years of experience. They stay current on the latest techniques and also encourage students to meet their goals.

Chicago Aikikai

Chicago Aikikai is the only studio in the Midwest dedicated to aikido. This martial arts form is the art of peace, and it provides a modern-day way of achieving inner balance. Sensei Marsha Turner is a sixth dan and is a former student of western-style fencing. This studio offers a warm community environment. New students can enjoy a free introductory class on Sundays. The instructors provide personalized attention while teaching basic fundamentals.

Along with these martial arts studios in Chicago, Catalyst Apartments are also near premier shopping destinations and world-renowned attractions. To become a resident of our community, please contact us. We’d love to offer you a private tour so you can see everything we have to offer. 

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