Give Your Chicago Dog a Bath in Our Indoor Pet Wash Station

You could take your furry friend to a professional groomer on a regular basis or spend time avoiding messing up your bathroom in an attempt to keep dirt from your four-legged friend.

Our apartments in Chicago with pet wash station can help you avoid all of that and ensure your dog and luxury high-rise apartment stay clean.

When it’s time to give your dog a bath at the onsite pet washing station, it’s as easy as bathing yourself, unless, of course, your dog decides to attempt an escape from bath time.

After you’ve lathered your dog up and rinsed him down, make sure you double-check to be sure you’ve rinsed all of the soap away so it won’t dry and cause itchy or dry patches on your dog’s skin.

Don’t forget to wash behind your dog’s ears and in between his toes, and after drying him off thoroughly, brush or comb his fur so it will look clean, shiny, and healthy.

Find out about the other features and amenities at our luxury high-rise Chicago apartments or schedule a tour of our community when you contact our leasing team today.

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