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A Chicago fixture since 1931, the Oriental Institute is an internationally recognized pioneer in the archeology and history of the early Near Eastern civilizations. 

Named at a time when the Middle East was called the Orient, the museum features 35,000 artifacts, many of which were uncovered by the institute’s archeologists. The museum offers its fascinating pieces online. The objects will take you across time, and some of what you can enjoy from our apartments in Chicago include:

Colossal Lamassu Sculpture 

When the archeologists uncovered the Colossal Lamassu sculpture in northern Iraq, it was in pieces. They brought the pieces back to Chicago, where they painstakingly reassembled the sculpture, which stands sixteen feet tall and weighs around forty tons. The sculpture originally guarded the throne room of Sargon II, at his palace in Khorsabad. Made of limestone, the Colossal Lamassu dates between 721 and 705 BC. 

Vessel with Pot Mark 

An example of black-topped redware, the vessel dates back to 3150 to 3500 BC. The marks on the vessel are precursors to writing, and cannot be accurately translated. 


Hieroglyphic is an online exhibition spanning from Ancient Egypt to the modern age. This famous writing system, made by hand, depicts people, plants, animals, and common objects used in daily life. At one time, knowledge of how to read hieroglyphs was lost until scholars of the Middle Ages became fascinated by such writings. The exhibit also highlights the hieroglyphic letterpress fonts first used in the 1800s and more. 

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