Check Out Chicago Zoos, Virtually!


Would you like to spy on some giraffes or a cute baby elephant? Enjoy wildlife by your Chicago apartments, where there are several local zoos in Illinois that offer a live animal cam.


Cosley Zoo is located in Wheaton, IL, and allows visitors to see the animals in close range. And, this is possible with either an animal cam or an in-person visit. This zoo has creatures ranging from native wildlife to domestic farm dwellers. Furthermore, this is a place that educates in animal conservation and offers programs to the community. 


Kline Creek Farm can also be found in Wheaton. It is part of the Timber Ridge Forest Preserve in West Chicago, and has animals for viewing from the barn and fields. Additionally, these cute creatures live in a historical farmstead, and offer animal education for everyone. 


Brookfield Zoo, located in Brookfield, IL, is affiliated with the Chicago Zoological Society. They are currently open to the public, and have animals from all regions of the planet, and live videos across all social media channels. If you miss a recording, YouTube houses Bringing the Zoo to You


Lincoln Park Zoo is located in Chicago, and a home to several animal species.  At your apartments in Chicago, you can virtually explore each habitat. If the zoo is open, you can get involved in conservation, visit the centers, and donate to the park. These adorable creatures are worth it to watch. 

Contact us for more suggestions on animal sightings or fun things to do in and by your Chicago apartments. We will be happy to assist in your zoo cam adventure. 

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