Enjoy the Best History Podcasts

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If you enjoy stepping back in time, tune in to a podcast where you’ll learn about everything from the history of Rome to the history of Hollywood—and beyond.

Those that you can enjoy from your home at our apartments in Chicago include:

Our Fake History

Ever wonder what’s fact and what’s not in our history books? Then don’t miss Our Fake History. Host Sebastian Major uses humor and detective work to figure out what’s real and what’s too good of a story not to be told. Sebastian is a passionate storyteller. You never know what he’s going to uncover next, and in his free time, he writes all of the music used during the podcast.

The Memory Palace 

A Peabody Award finalist, The Memory Palace, offers new and exciting episodes on the first and third weeks of every month. It was created by Nate DiMeo, a former artist in residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He’s obsessed with the past. Nate explores topics ranging from the Morse Code to the draft lottery, and no two episodes are the same. The podcast runs in no particular order and boasts over 160 shows.

American History Tellers 

Join host Lindsay Graham as he takes listeners on a journey through the events and people that shaped our nation. He dives deep into the famous figures to show how our history affected them, their families, and the people of today. Lindsay covers an array of subjects ranging from Prohibition to the Space Race. His storytelling ability will keep you entertained from beginning to end. Listen to American History Tellers on Stitcher or Apple Podcasts.

As a resident of Catalyst Apartments, you’ll enjoy a closeness to Chicago’s world-class attractions. If you’re looking for a place to call home, please contact our leasing staff. They would love for you to see firsthand all we have to offer.

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