Visit Dirty Root for Vegan and Gluten-Free Options

When you try to eat a healthy diet, finding suitable restaurants is not always easy — especially if you try to stick to plant-based or gluten-free options. However, there’s an enticing new restaurant called Dirty Root that just opened in Chicago, and you won’t feel let down if you stop there for lunch or dinner.

All About Dirty Root

Dirty Root is a restaurant based on its values. The owners aim to serve fresh, local, seasonal foods sourced from reputable companies. They avoid foods that are laden with refined sugar and other processed ingredients, and they stay away from GMOs. 

The owners of Dirty Root, Matt & Conor, founded the restaurant after embarking on their own journey to understand nutrition and health. They aim to serve their customers honest food that they, themselves, would be happy to eat.

Inside the restaurant, there is a small, cozy dining area. Many customers do take their food to-go. The side dishes are nicely displayed behind the counter, where you can watch your order being specially prepared.

The Menu

The mainstay of the menu at Dirty Root is their custom bowls. You start by picking your base. The ancient grains is an exceptional choice that features organic wild rice and buckwheat marinated in herb vinaigrette. They also offer greens and a cauliflower crumble. Next, you choose your protein. They offer ghee-roasted chicken thighs, salmon, spiced pork, and vegan falafel. Finish with the sauce of your choice. The piri piri sauce, made with chili peppers, is delightful and spicy.

Dirty Root also offers exceptional sides. You get to choose two with each meal. The sauteed broccoli in mustard seed vinaigrette is a favorite, as is the summer cabbage slaw. 

The menu at Dirty Root is clear and informative. Anything marked with a “v” is vegan, and the entire menu is 100% gluten-free.

Visit Dirty Root, located at 939 W. Randolph St., the next time you’re craving a healthy meal. Contact us if you’re looking for a place nearby to call home. 

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