Did You Just Finish Your Balcony Garden? Don’t Toss Those Plastic Pots

If you love to grow things, you have probably been very busy purchasing everything you need for the perfect garden in our apartments in Chicago with spacious balconies. Once you’ve removed your garden plants from their plastic containers, you can clean the containers and save them to be reused at a later date.

  • The plastic containers, or pots, that have drain holes would be great to use during the winter to sprinkle salt over an icy area.
  • You can store your small holiday ornaments or decorations in the plastic container that held your seedlings. The compartments will keep your items organized.
  • Clean your fruits and vegetables using one of the larger containers. Place fruits and vegetables inside the container and let water run over them and through the drain holes at the bottom.
  • You can use several plastic containers to prop up items you are painting or repairing.

It’s great when you can recycle items after you’ve completed your garden project in our apartments in Chicago with spacious balconies. You can become a resident of our apartment community by contacting our offices for residential information.

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