Chicago’s Top 3 Places for Korean Food

Korean food: Grilled Short Rib over Rice with Kimchi

When you’re craving Asian eats with a bold twist, nothing hits the spot quite like Korean. Known for its healthy veggies, generous side dishes, and flavorful marinated meats, Korean cuisine offers a flavor for everyone. Korean food has burst onto the Chicago eatery scene, and it’s here to stay. We’ve picked three of our top Korean spots for all the traditional eats and creative fusion bites you crave:

Daebak Korean BBQ

If you love barbecue and you’ve never tried it Korean-style, you’re in for a treat at Daebak Korean BBQ. Located in Chinatown, Daebak offers an authentic Korean BBQ experience complete with premium cuts of meat, ample side dishes, a deliciously spicy kimchi soup, and drinks aplenty. Choose your seat, and you’ll notice immediately the grill right in the center of the table. Everything’s cooked directly at your table. This means it’s just a matter of seconds between the meat coming sizzling off the grill and into your mouth. 

En Hakkore

Those new to the world of Korean eats might be surprised that Korean flavors are the darling of the fusion scene. You can taste why at En Hakkore. This popular spot offers a range of authentic Korean favorites, including bibimbap (a bowl of mixed veg and rice, topped with your choice of protein and savory sauces) and japchae (stir-fried sweet potato noodles in sesame oil and soy sauce). The true star of the show, though, is the Paratha Taco. This dish is topped off with kimchi, onion, mushroom, their signature en hakkore sauce, and your choice of spicy pork or Korean BBQ beef. 

Kimchi Pop

There’s no place like home, and if you personally don’t have a Korean grandma to cook for you, no worries—you can still taste the delectable homemade flavors on offer at Kimchi Pop. Kimchi Pop’s menu is a great introduction to Korean flavors for newcomers. But it’s also authentic enough to satisfy even the most diehard Korean fans. Grab a roll of gimbap to go, or try their spicy Jjamppong (perfect for seafood fans). They’ve also got something for fusion fans, too—the Kimchi Breakfast Burrito, made totally gluten-free in a rice flour tortilla. 

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