Chicago’s Best Rock Climbing Gyms

Fit people ready to rock climb at the gym

Are you a rock climbing fiend who gets the urge to boulder along any outcropping you can find? Maybe rock climbing interests you, but seems intimidating. No matter your experience level, rock climbing offers a fun, high-energy experience for everyone. Best of all, you’ll find tons of great opportunities at Chicago’s best rock climbing gyms. Check them out!


Brooklyn Boulders Chicago

The original Brooklyn gym took its name from its city of origin. Now, with locations in Brooklyn, Boston, and Chicago this gym has made a name for itself as the best place for climbers. Brooklyn Boulders promotes a love of urban life and helps spur its students toward creativity, hard work, and the pursuit of fitness. They offer a range of classes for any schedule as well as an open gym space for members.


Chicago Bouldering Collective

There’s a difference between traditional rock climbing and bouldering. The former requires a harness and a trained guide to help keep the climber’s rope taut. Bouldering doesn’t require safety gear or certifications, just you! At the Chicago Bouldering Collective, you can climb and crawl your way along climbing walls that are shorter in height and harness-free. However, don’t be fooled, you’ll still find your strength and climbing skills tested on these walls.


Lakeview Athletic Club

If you’re interested in a more comprehensive gym experience that includes a rock climbing wall, then a membership to Lakeview Athletic Club may be up your alley. This gym features a full range of exercise equipment as well as an indoor track, spinning classes, and a pool. Additionally, you’ll have access to a steam room and sauna! To top it all off, the gym has a rock climbing wall along with instruction.


These are just a few of Chicago’s best rock climbing gyms. The city also offers tons of other fitness opportunities as well as shopping and dining destinations. If you’re new to Chicago, please contact us for more information about the city as well as our beautiful amenities at Catalyst Chicago.

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