Grab a Cup To-Go at Chicago’s Best Coffee Shops

coffee cups to-go

To some, coffee is an art. If you love to sample its different expressions, then Chicago has a wide range of options. For some of Chicago’s best coffee shops near Catalyst Apartments, check out these distinct and flavorful coffee shops for delicious takeout.

Ground Up

Known for being globally sourced and locally roasted, the beans and brews at Ground Up do not disappoint with their artisanal flavor and devotion to craft. Step inside and get a latte to go or treat yourself to a bag of their beans and brew up something special at home.

The Wormhole Coffee

Some coffee shops do well in creating the right atmosphere, but with a lackluster flavor delivery. The Wormhole Coffee doesn’t have that problem. They create some of the most renowned coffee in America, not just Chicago, and they offer a range of fun seasonal specialties alongside their staple espresso and java. Their coffee selection includes some of the best micro-roasters in Chicago and even from other parts of the world. Their vegan pastries and sandwiches are made fresh daily.

Dark Matter Coffee – The Mothership

The name of this coffee shop may make you think of the last science fiction movie that you saw. That’s on purpose! Dark Matter Coffee puts a great deal of science into the roasting of their coffee beans. They use a distinct component in their bean preparation process: barrel aging. As with alcohol, barrel-aging in different vessels for different periods of time can create a range of different results in the drink that you, the customer, enjoy. For a flavor adventure that’s worth the wait, don’t miss this must-stop in Chicago.

Our Chicago apartments are close to coffee shops, restaurants, and so much more. To schedule a tour, contact us today.

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