Check Out These Exhibits at the Adler Planetarium

planets in the Universe

Chicago’s Adler Planetarium is a local gem of science and culture. The planetarium has a series of set exhibits, along with rotating exhibitions, that are educational, interactive, and beautifully constructed. Here are some of their most breathtaking exhibits you should check out soon.

The Historic Atwood Sphere

The Atwood Sphere at Adler Planetarium is Chicago’s oldest planetarium, and it will show a depiction of the night sky in Chicago from 1913. The position of these stars have remained unchanged. Some appear to have disappeared, but this is only a result of light pollution. You can take a guided tour if you wish, and spend some time identifying constellations using the Sphere.

Astronomy in Culture

Learn more about stargazers and their tools from throughout history in the Astronomy in Culture exhibit. See an astrolabe up close, and learn more about how it was used to navigate in the days before GPS. Learn more about the people and cultures that developed these tools, and how they changed over time with an up-close look in this immersive exhibit.

Space Visualization Lab

This is one of the most cutting-edge exhibits in the country. It combines the expertise of scientists, artists, technology experts, and educators within the space to help convey to visitors the best visual representation of the Universe. There is staff throughout the exhibit available to explain the wonders you’ll see, and at scheduled times during the week, the exhibit hosts Astronomy Conversations. These are when researchers from The University of Chicago’s Kavli Institute of Cosmological Physics are on sight to discuss the latest in cosmology research and to answer any space questions you may have.

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