Check Out the Best Donuts in Chicago


Who doesn’t’ love a good donut? Whether you have a palette for classic glazed, or you like adventurous flavors, Chicago has amazing donuts to try. Here are some of the best donuts in Chicago:

Somethin’ Sweet Donuts

If you want a sweet treat splurge that doesn’t bite your budget, this is the donut eatery for you. They offer a wide variety of Instagram-able donut toppings, like crushed Oreos, classic glaze, vanilla and chocolate cream, or Fruit Loops. They also like to dabble in original designs for their donuts, like beach balls or Pokeballs. These fresh takes on the classic taste are always changing, so you’ll have to pop in regularly to see what’s new!

The Bakery and Café at Fat Rice

These rich baked goods come with flavor roots in Macau and Portugal. You won’t find these flavors anywhere else in Chicago. The Bakery and Café at Fat Rice sells its delightful Portuguese donuts on the weekends, also known as masalada. These masalada are made with ever-changing fillings, with a crispy fried and sugar-coated exterior. The Bakery and Café at Fat Rice has a range of other breads and pastries, but this little morsel is a stand-out star.

Delightful Pastries

Dive into that classic European taste. Delightful Pastries is a family-owned bakery that does their donuts in the Polish style, filled with jelly or custard. Take these sweet treats on the side with some tea. They also make custom cakes and pastries with exceptional design and taste.

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