3 Mystery E-books You Can Rent from the Chicago Public Library

Young woman drinking coffee and using an ebook reader

If you enjoy putting your sleuthing skills to the test, the Chicago Public Library has you covered. It offers everything from the latest bestselling mysteries to the whodunits from yesteryear. Here are three that you can curl up with at our apartments in Chicago: The Boy  When Detective Nick Fourcade arrives at the home of Genevieve Gauthier, he […]

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Enjoy the Best History Podcasts

Woman listening to the music and relaxing at home

If you enjoy stepping back in time, tune in to a podcast where you’ll learn about everything from the history of Rome to the history of Hollywood—and beyond. Those that you can enjoy from your home at our apartments in Chicago include: Our Fake History Ever wonder what’s fact and what’s not in our history books? Then don’t […]

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Stream One of These Binge-Worthy Classic Sitcoms

Typically known for their crazy cast of characters, sitcoms epitomized “must-see TV” throughout many decades. For a bit of nostalgia and a few belly laughs, here are a few of the best to stream from our apartments in Chicago. Seinfeld Available to stream over Hulu, Seinfeld is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. This award-winning show […]

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