Enjoy The Best Cinnamon Rolls in Chicago

breakfast cinnamon roll and coffee

Did you know that cinnamon dates back to 2,000 B.C.? It was imported from Egypt to China and was so highly valued, that it was given to monarchs as a gift. Today, this spice is used in an array of recipes, including those for delectable cinnamon rolls. If you would like to start your day with a warm dessert, the best spots for cinnamon rolls in Chicago include:

Ann Sather Restaurant 

When Ann Sather decided to offer warm hospitality and generous homemade meals, the Ann Sather Restaurant was born. The year was 1945. She pooled her money together and became legendary in the Lakeview neighborhood for her from-scratch dishes and low prices. Ann sold the restaurant to Tom Tunney in 1981. He added the cinnamon rolls which are now famous around town. The rolls overflow with glaze, and can be enjoyed with a side of crispy bacon and a tall glass of orange juice. 

Tre Kronor

The owners of Tre Kronor have a Scandinavian heritage and a love of French bistros. Patty and Larry have put a unique twist on classic recipes since 1991. They make everything from scratch, and state that each dish is served with authentic Nordic flair and a warm Chicago embrace. The restaurant is cheerful and features laughing trolls painted on the walls. For breakfast, enjoy the classic Swedish cinnamon rolls with a cup of espresso. 

Baker Miller 

Baker Miller is a bakery and dinette that began off the beaten path. It moved to the center of Lincoln Square in 2018, and has become a community staple. The bakers make everything from scratch and are proud to use organic ingredients. Baker Miller also believes in giving back. For every meal purchased, it also provides one to a child in need. The cinnamon rolls are covered with cream cheese icing and are best enjoyed with the delicious sausage links. 

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