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Art and Science Salon, located less than a mile from Catalyst, is a hair salon, barbershop, and academy dedicated to their passion for hair. The permanent staff is made up of educators in their rigorous academic program. All of the stylists are artists with a passion for creating amazing styles. 

The Mission

Art and Science opened their first salon in Evanston, Illinois, and grew rapidly from there. There are 4 salons, all with different personalities, in the Chicago area. The closest one to Catalyst is the West Loop Salon on Randolph Street, less than a 15-minute walk away.

They were voted the best salon in Chicago several times. They also work diligently putting money back into the Chicago economy through their creation of the non-profit Hair Cares NFP, which supports causes throughout Chicago. The Art and Soul Fundraiser is an annual event the salon calls an evening of fashion, music, and giving. Through their fundraising efforts, they give back to several causes, such as to homeless shelters and to the National Alliance of Mental Illness.           

The Salon

Exquisite quality and attention to detail are key in the stylists’ approach to designing your hair. Consultations are important so that they can learn everything about your preferences, hair type, and goals. Honesty is important to them and they will tell you exactly what cut and style would best fit your aesthetic and face shape. Don’t forget to also stop by the waxing lounge.

Men’s hair, and the way it makes them feel, is just as important to the salon as women’s hair. They offer the newest in men’s hairstyles and old-fashioned full shaves and beard trims. You can just walk in for a line-up or neck shave at any time, meaning you can space your next cut out a week or so if you need to.

Art and Science Salon gives you a young, fresh, and creative cut made just for you. 

Catalyst is close to salons, great restaurants, shopping, and so much more. We are waiting to give you a tour. Contact us to schedule that tour or ask us any questions about our luxury apartments.         

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