Support These Deserving Non-Profits in Chicago

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Are you looking for local organizations to help out? There are several non-profits you can support from the comfort of home at our Chicago apartments. If you want to give to those doing great work in the community, here are three non-profits you can financially support.


Anima – Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus is a choral organization that provides musical education to the youth. Anima is Latin for breath, life, soul, and spirit. Their chorus programs offer the joy of singing, fun, friendship, skill mastery, self-expression, and teamwork. Furthermore, the programs are offered from kindergarten to grade school. Therefore, kids grow confidence in their performance from an early age.


Teen Parent Connection helps teen parents navigate the challenges of parenthood. They advocate for education in both middle schools and high schools to help lessen the chance of teen pregnancy. Additionally, they offer both group and individual support to young moms and dads, which creates great emotional and physical support. Donate to help support their important mission. 


Camp Fire USA Illinois is a summer program for children and young adults to learn leadership skills. They help to lift all young voices and inspire self-exploration. Furthermore, you can volunteer your time or donate to this active organization. Additionally, Camp Fire is a national organization, that teaches youth about their potential to create conditions for a better world.

Donating to various non-profits in Chicago is a wonderful way of staying engaged with the community and directly benefiting a cause. If you would like to discover more ways to engage with the community and enjoy all it has to offer, then check out the suggestions on our blog. And if you’d like to become a resident, then contact Catalyst Apartments for more information on joining the community at our Chicago apartments.

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