3 Mystery E-books You Can Rent from the Chicago Public Library

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If you enjoy putting your sleuthing skills to the test, the Chicago Public Library has you covered.

It offers everything from the latest bestselling mysteries to the whodunits from yesteryear. Here are three that you can curl up with at our apartments in Chicago:

The Boy 

When Detective Nick Fourcade arrives at the home of Genevieve Gauthier, he finds the most brutal and confusing crime scene he’s ever seen. Her seven-year-old son has just been murdered, yet she’s alive and well. When the boy’s babysitter goes missing, Detective Fourcade and his wife must work quickly to uncover whether Genevieve is suffering from an unimaginable loss, or if she committed an unthinkable crime. A New York Times bestseller, The Boy has gained recognition from publications such as Publishers Weekly and Mystery Tribune

The Flight Attendant 

Both a USA Today and New York Times bestseller, The Flight Attendant is a “powerful story about the ways life can change in one night.” Flight attendant Cassandra Bowden is an adventure-seeking binge-drinker. When she awakes in a hotel room in Dubai, she sees his dark hair, his stillness. Cassandra begins to lie with no memory of the night before, especially to the FBI agents who greet her at the gate in New York. 

Glass Houses 

Called a “compelling read,” Glass Houses will leave you guessing until the very end. When a mysterious figure arrives in Three Pines in the rain and sleet, the villages are curious, then wary. Chief Superintendent of the Surete du Quebec believes the person has a dark purpose. His suspicions prove true when the figure disappears into the night, and a body is discovered. Now the Chief Superintendent must decide whether a debt has been paid or levied. 

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