Sip the Best Hot Chocolate in Chicago

Christmas Shopping, hot chocolate time to warming up

Did you know that the first chocolate drink was created by the Mayan people around two thousand years ago? Since that time, hot chocolate has become one of the most popular winter beverages. Here are three places where you can enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate in Chicago: Hot Chocolate Established by Mindy Segal in 2005, Hot Chocolate features […]

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Have a Seat at Carnivale Chicago

Catalyst Chicago encourages a lifestyle of luxury for its residents. We strive for an atmosphere where our residents can feel inspired. This includes promoting only the best services in the surrounding area that share these values. Among the area’s fun and vibrant attractions is the outstanding Carnivale Chicago, where the classic carnival of your childhood fuses […]

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Chicago’s Best Farm to Table Restaurants

Farm to Table food

Farm to table restaurants use fresh vegetables and locally sourced chicken, beef, and fish. If you would like to enjoy a meal at such an eatery, the best in Chicago include: Farmhouse Restaurant Nestled in the River North neighborhood, Farmhouse strives to offer a Midwestern cuisine based on locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients. Fox News has recognized chef Eric Mansavage, most noteworthy […]

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