The Best Restaurants in Albany Park

Chelow kabab or Chelo kabab is the national dish of Iran. The meal is simple, consisting of kabab (of which there are several distinct Persian varieties - made of chicken and/or lamb), and steamed, saffroned basmati or Persian rice (chelow), aside. The dish is served throughout Iran. Chelow kabab is served with the basic Iranian meal accompaniments, in addition to grilled tomatoes on the side, yogurt and salads.

Albany Park is one of Chicago’s most ethnically diverse neighborhoods, and since 1970, it has been a point of entry for immigrants from Asia and Latin America. You’ll find an array of multicultural restaurants in Albany Park. Those you really can’t miss include: Noon-O-Kabab Noon-O-Kabab began with a dream to bring authentic Persian cuisine to Chicagoland. […]

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Journey Back in Time at Chicago’s Oldest Restaurants

Antique dotprinted photograph of painting: Formal dinner. Historic restaurants in Chicago concept.

Historic restaurants serve up plenty of atmosphere and history along with delicious food. If you would like to journey back in time while enjoying a delicious meal, then don’t miss visiting Chicago’s oldest restaurants: Walnut Room A Chicago tradition since 1905, the Walnut Room was the first ever department store restaurant. Found inside Macy’s on […]

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