Chicago’s French Market

One of the biggest draws to living in downtown Chicago is the easy access to delicious international cuisine. Just down the street from Catalyst Apartments is Chicago’s very own French Market, a unique collection of over 30 vendors offering their fresh, inspired products. Origins of the French Market In 2009, the Bensidoun family opened the French Market as a […]

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Celebrate a Thanksgiving Tradition with Chicago’s Annual Parade


Thanksgiving just isn’t complete without the holiday staples; the smell of a juicy turkey roasting in the oven, the rowdy sounds of an exciting football game on TV. The warmth of a home filled with friends and family. You can kick off the festivities this year with a beloved annual tradition just a few minutes […]

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Explore Chicago’s Secret Gardens

shot of Chicago's city skyline in front of one of the city's gardens

While Chicago is well known for its soaring skyscrapers, it is also revered for its incredible public parks and gardens. Chicago has worked hard to find a balance between big business and open public spaces. Throughout the city, visitors can explore some beautiful greenery in unexpected places. You can visit gardens atop a building in […]

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