Practice Meditation At Breathe Bar

Meditating can help alleviate stress, promote better sleep, and keep you focused throughout the day. Whether you’re brand new to meditation or already have a regular meditation practice, consider visiting¬†Breathe Bar, a new meditation studio in the West Loop district.

The owner of Breathe Bar worked as a television producer and also volunteered for the Peace Corps. Her doctor once suggested she use meditation to manage her stress, and she has since honed her skills. Now, she has created Breathe Bar as a way to teach others about the healing effects of meditation.

Breathe Bar offers a range of classes to appeal to various needs. Their Meditation for Parents class is designed to help parents relax and practice some self-care so that they can offer better guidance to their little ones. Breathe Bar 101 is a good beginner class for those who are just starting to explore the idea of meditation, and the Mindful Flow is a class that integrates meditation with yoga for some gentle exercise and thought work.

If you choose to attend Breathe Bar for meditation classes, make sure you wear loose and comfortable clothing. Expect to spend most of the session seated on a cushion on the floor. If you prefer, Breathe Bar can even come to your workplace, school, or other public facilities to teach classes on-site.

Breathe Bar is located at 946 West Randolph Street. They are open daily, so stop by soon to participate in your first class.

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