See A Live Performance Near Catalyst

Some look for apartments for rent in Chicago because they dream of being on stage. Others simply want to catch a great, theatrical production from time to time. If you count yourself among the second lot, there’s no better Chi-Town neighborhood to put down roots than the West Loop. Why? Every Saturday afternoon residents can just jump on the Blue Line and head to West Chicago Avenue, a mere 3.5 miles away from Catalyst apartments, for a unique show. Well, they’re actually more public readings than shows but residents won’t want to stay in their Chicago apartments and miss them.

Each reading is actually part of the lead up to an authentic, professionally produced show. Accordingly, the event’s length may vary based on the production at hand. Nonetheless, most readings start around 2 p.m. and run for at least 30 minutes. During the reading, residents are seated in the center’s comfortable theater, which typically hosts additional events throughout the year.

Plus, audience input is welcome. So, attending one is kind of like having backstage access as well as an inside look at what’s to come when the curtains open for real. And it’s all so close to apartments for rent in Chicago. What more could Theater fans want, right? We know, how about a low admission fee?

Known as the Chicago Dramatists’ Saturday Series, it runs year round with few exceptions. Instead of the standard admission fee, Catalyst residents are asked to make a modest donation to the center. Hence, most weekend visitors tend to drop at least a five-spot in the Chicago Dramatists’ donation box. However, residents may feel free to leave more if they’re truly happy with the experience. To learn more about the readings on tap for this winter and other places to catch plays your way, please contact the Catalyst office staff today.

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