Check Out The Farmers’ Markets Near Catalyst Apartments


Chicago is a great city. And it’s never greater than when it shows its Midwestern roots. Which it does in a big way in the farmers’ markets that dot the urban space every day of the week, many of them near the Catalyst Apartments. They’re a great thing to hit on the way home (pick up […]

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Visit The International Museum of Surgical Science


Whether you work in the medical field or just enjoying watching medical related television shows, there is an interesting museum near Catalyst Apartments you don’t want to miss. It’s known as the International Museum of Surgical Science, and it offers 10,000 square feet of galleries that tell the story of medicine. There are several exhibits such as: […]

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Enjoy Delicious Food in Greektown


Greektown is one of Chicago’s most well-known neighborhoods. Although Greek immigrants have since dispersed near and far since the neighborhood first earned its name, the commercial establishments in Greektown are still largely owned by Greek residents and the sense of culture remains strong. It is also a great place to get authentic Greek food. Here are some of […]

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